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70% Dark Organic Chiapas Chocolate

In bars of 65 grams or blocks of 250 grams.

- Forastero, Criollo, y Trinitario
- Organic
- Cooperative

Our organic dark chocolate only has cacao and sugar.     Without other additives its very healthy.     Ground 12 hours with stones makes it very creamy and removes smells and off flavors.     Also the bars are tempered which makes them resistant to heat, as well as shiny with a sharp break.     They are made in the style of Lindt chocolate bars and not for making beverages.     At the same price you can get cardamom flavored.

They are 100% made in Comitán, Chiapas with cacao from jungle producers in the Meseta Comiteca Tojolabal.

$35 MXN a bar
$30 MXN each for 10 pieces or more
$100 MXN an untempered block of 250 grams.