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100% Organic Chiapas Cacao Nibs

In 1 Kilo vacuum packed bags.

- Forastero, Criollo, y Trinitario
- Organic
- Cooperative

Roasted cacao nibs are the partially ground cacao beans that are the source of all natural chocolate products. They have a crunchy texture and intense flavor. They make a wonderful addition to trail mixes or breakfast cereals. They are also delicious sprinkled on yogurt or ice cream or in brownie mixes. They are excellent in blended drinks.

We sell nibs that we make from organic cacao obtained from a small indigenous village in the center of Chiapas. It has been fermented 5 days, roasted, cleaned, and vacuum packed. There is less than .05% of husk by weight. Vacuum packing our nibs maintain their freshness.

Some research has shown raw nibs, although healthy, can be contaminated with molds, bacteria, and other organisms. We roast our nibs at low temperatures to sanitize them but also to retain their nutritional value. The additional advantage to roasted nibs is they can be used to make your own artisan chocolate.    

They are 100% made in Comitán, Chiapas with cacao from jungle producers in the Meseta Comiteca Tojolabal.

$250 a Kilo
We can negotiate a price for orders of 10 Kilos or more.