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We are a small coffee shop and chocolatería in Comitán, Chiapas, Mexico, that has three objectives

• Assist small local producers by buying their product at a fair price, without intermediaries,
    to give them a higher profit margin.
• Encourage them to improve their production for higher income.
• Offer our consumers a product with better quality.

Because we are not distributors of coffee or cocoa, and we carry out the whole process, from obtaining the beans to the creation of the final product without intermediaries, we can offer our local suppliers a good price for their beans and we can also provide our Customers a product of quality and high purity at a fair price.

To achieve this we are implementing different strategies. One is to have a community employee in remote areas who has been taught to manage the products in a proper and healthy manner and who is free to always offer a higher price for products with quality features. This prevents local farmers from being surprised by coyotes who offer lower prices for their products by taking advantage of their immediate economic need. This provides solvency to farmers and gives them the freedom to concentrate on improving their products.

Another strategy is to help train them in areas that require additional knowledge to improve product quality. Our fundamental philosophy is to give unconditional support to producers who implement ethical and organic practices in their crops.

This process that is based on equity and quality is for the benefit of all. Producers get better incomes and consumers get a healthy, good quality product.

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