Contacts/Who we are

María Concepción Wayas Pérez is a doctor with 3 degrees. She is a medical physician, a licensed homeopathic doctor, and an epidemiologist with a master’s in Public Health. She was raised in Comitán and her family has been here in the same house for 150 years. In the 70's she worked setting up sanitary facilities in the Guatemalan refugee camps with Archbishop Samuel_Ruiz_García. During the 80's and 90's she started a women’s clinic in Ensenada specializing in helping infertile women through the use of macrobiotics, natural supplements, counseling, and physical therapy. She is now working for the Secretary of Health as an Epidemiologist and runs a homeopathic clinic on the side.

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Daniel Ellsworth was born in Michigan where he spent early years on a dairy farm. Later he lived in Alaska where he was a sports enthusiast and environmental political activist. He was a software developer working on global projects. He has a degree in psychology and education with a minor in Information Systems. He moved from Alaska to Oaxaca 18 years ago; is bilingual, and a naturalized Mexican citizen. In the 70's he was involved in leftist politics and particularly worked with drug addicts in prison populations. He did runaway and family counseling for street kids. He does construction projects, installs solar systems, and grows plants for consumption.

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Both María and Daniel are lifelong vegetarians and frequently vegan and macrobiotic. Both are excellent cooks and like to make up recipes for all the products they sell. They are also owners of a small roasting business. Cafe Rosario.